Kristal-Glas, a passion for glass…

Why is Kristal-Glas so passionate about Leerdam glass? Simple: the family’s own history is intertwined with that of the ‘city of glass’. Its younger generation was raised on captivating stories about the marvellous craft, told on Sundays by granddad – a proud Leerdam glassblower who, like most of the family, earned a living working in the centuries-old Leerdam glassworks along the Linge. Growing up surrounded by this history sparked a passion for Leerdam glass and, eventually, led to the foundation of Kristal-Glas, the Netherlands’ largest online retailer of glass art and crystal!

With a vast following of loyal social media fans (more than 22,000), Kristal-Glas puts a contemporary spin on a time-honoured Leerdam tradition while respecting the old techniques and workmanship.




Kristal-Glas online collection

Part of the online collection is on display at the gallery on Hoogstraat in the city centre. The collection brings together glass art designed in traditional Leerdam style and the world-renowned Kosta Boda.

Check out the website for the collection: Kristal-Glas.

Openings hours Kristal-Glas shop
Wednesday through friday: 13.00 – 17.00 
Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00

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