Meydam Glasroute

Meydam walking route

Walk along the exhibition on the Glass Route!

Start the Meydam walking route from the Zuidwal in the direction of the National Glass Museum. Along the way columns are placed where you learn more about the life and work of Floris Meydam.

Floris Meydam

Floris Meydam (1919 – 2011) is one of the most important glass artists in the Netherlands. Born and raised in Leerdam, his name is irrevocably linked to the Leerdam Glassworks. At the age of 16, he began work here as an assistant in the design department, which was then led by Andries Copier. Copier founded the Glass School in Leerdam during the Second World War. The purpose of this school was to nurture artistic talent and craftsmanship for the Glass Factory, in an in-house setting. Floris Meydam was among the very first students of the Glass School.
Want to read more about the life and work of Floris Meydam? All texts in the exhibtion along the walking route are translated in English and can be found on this page or by using the QR code on the columns.


Visit the exhibition, Meydam in Colour – 100 years Meydam, from November 24 in the National Glass Museum.