Nationaal Glasmuseum

National Glassmuseum & Glass studio

Come find out why Leerdam is renowned as the Netherlands ‘city of glass’ at the National Glass Museum! See, experience and learn all about glassblowing at the glass studio and admire the incredible versatility of glass at the Glass Museum.

The glass studio

Step inside the glassblower’s workshop at the National Glass Museum’s glass studio. Glassblowing is a spectacular craft that continues to captivate all ages. Moulding the hot, viscous substance demands fire, skill, raw muscle power and years of experience. In the glass studio at the National Glass Museum, you can get up close to watch glassblowers produce a wide variety of decorative and artistic objects from hot, molten glass. Watch the masters at work from the visitor stands while expert staff tell you all about this wonderful craft!


Glass Museum

Be amazed by all the possibilities of glass! The National Glass Museum is the Netherlands’ treasury of glass, hosting changing exhibitions that spotlight glass in every imaginable incarnation. The permanent collection, displayed on the four pedestrian bridges connecting the two museum villas, features the largest collection of Leerdam glass worldwide alongside foreign highlights. From iconic classics such as A.D. Copier’s Gilde wine glass and Lanooy’s Leerdam Unica to modern designs and contemporary artworks.

Glasmuseum Glasmuseum

The museum and the glass studio both have full-service restaurants with outdoor terraces.

Opening hours

Monday: closed
Tuesday through Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00
Sunday: 12.00 – 17.00

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