Stadhuis Vianen


Feel free in Vianen!

With over 190 national monuments, Vianen is a beautiful city with an important piece of history at every street corner. The old city centre of Vianen is still home to many of the medieval fortifications, such as the city moat, the city walls and the Lekpoort, whose tower originally  housed a prison.

The period from 1414, when it came under the control of the Van Brederode family, marked one of prosperity for this region. It was a flourishing city and state. As a ‘free city’, Vianen offered a safe haven for wealthy foreigners. Free cities like Vianen were always open to people seeking refuge – even those with a shady past. The only condition was that they brought enough cash. To this day, the Dutch expression ‘To go to Vianen’ means ‘to go broke’.

Town hall

The town hall was built around 1425 and expanded in 1473. Originally, the rear section was the infirmary chapel. After the Reformation, this chapel was allocated to the Catholics, who could no longer worship in the main church.

Main church

The main church was built by the Van Brederode family as a space to hold Mass and display the magnitude of their power. The church’s Brederode Chapel, on Voorstraat, contains a funerary monument unique in the Netherlands: the tombs of Reinoud III van Brederode and his wide Philippote van der Marc.

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