Purperreiger in de Zouweboezem

Zouweboezem nature reserve

Rest and recharge in the Zouweboezem nature reserve.

Keep your camera at the ready: the wetlands serve as a home and breeding ground for many species of birds. The extensive reed swamps are home to the country’s largest breeding colony of purple herons. It’s also a breeding area for marshland birds like the black tern, spotted crake, Cetti’s warbler, Savi’s warblers and marsh harriers.


There are three car parks. If you park off Boezemweg, the heart of the nature reserve is just a few steps away. Please note, however, that capacity is limited at this car park and parking along the road is prohibited.

  • At the intersection of Veldweg and Driemolensweg, near the A27 underpass
  • At the end of Polderweg, Lexmond
  • At the end of Boezemweg, Lexmond

Biking and walking tips

If you’re cycling the Lek and Linge bicycle route, take a short detour past the Zouweboezem nature area. Also recommended is a walk between Luistenbuul and Zouweboezem. Over the dyke along the Lek, you have a view over the beautiful river flood plains. Rugged trails take you through open grassland, stretches of woodland and quaint quays from the Achthoeven polder all the way to Zouweboezem.

Zouweboezem nature reserve