Meydam in Kleur- Glasmuseum
24 November 2019 - 12 April 2020

Meydam in Colour – 100 years Meydam

This year we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the birthday of Floris Meydam (1919-2011)

Born and raised in Leerdam, his name is irrevocably linked to the Leerdam Glass Factory. At the age of 16, he began work here as an assistant in the design department, which was then led by Andries Copier. In 1949, Meydam was appointed head of the design department and therefore Copier’s successor. From that point on, the mark of his personal style became apparent. The National Glassmuseum honors Floris Meydam with this exhibiton where colour is central.


Start the Meydam Walking Route from the Zuidwal in the historical centre of Leerdam. Along the route exhibitions columns tell you more about the life and work of Floris Meydam.

Location: National Glass Museum, Lingedijk 28-30
Date: from November 24

Visit the exhibition, Meydam in Colour – 100 years Meydam, from November 24 in the National Glass Museum.

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