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Leerdam is the ideal starting point for a fantastic bike tour! Situated on the Linge River and along the Dutch Water Line, Leerdam is near the Betuwe region and the ‘Fortified Triangle’ of Gorinchem, Woudrichem and Loevestein. No matter which direction you choose, the landscapes around Leerdam are equally stunning.

Linge route - 70 KM

The Linge route is one you’ve got to cycle at least once! Setting out from Leerdam,it follows the dykes to Geldermalsen and Gorinchem.

The country’s longest river, the Linge meanders its way through the Dutch landscape. Along the way, it passes through villages and orchards beckoning to be explored. Step inside the glassblower’s workshop at the National Glass Museum’s Glassworks, or take a breather on a picturesque terrace en route. If 70 km is too long, you can also do half and save the rest for another day!

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Lek en Linge route - 53km

This loop takes you past the loveliest spots between the Lek and Linge rivers and through a beautiful area just made for cycling and strolling. Discover delightful historic cities with a character all their own, and soak up the lush green tranquillity of the Zouweboezem nature reserve. Along the way, you’ll see ancient farmsteads and charming spots to take a rest.

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Windmill route - 48 KM

Windmills are synonymous with the Netherlands! This route takes you past a number of mills in the Alblasserwaard-Vijfheerenlanden region.

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Jan Blanken route - 75 KM

This route takes you through a landscape shaped by the waterworks designed by engineer Jan Blanken (1755-1838). Along the centuries-old Diefdijk and past spectacularly sited forts, it leads through historic walled cities and across polders with endless vistas.

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Vijfheerenlanden route - 45 km

Vijfheerenlanden is an old name for the lands between Vianen, Leerdam and Zederik. This route takes you through a landscape rich in natural features and interesting sights. In Leerdam, you can start the route from De Beren restaurant beside the Linge.

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4-day bike tour 'The New Dutch Waterline'

Discover the Netherlands biggest secret!

If you are interested in military heritage, this could be the cycling tour for you. It follows a former Defensive Line through tranquil countryside. Along the way, you will come across forts, trenches, fortified towns, sluices, rivers and areas of natural beauty and lovey towns.

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