Walking routes

Explore the Leerdam region on foot! Ramble through the picturesque countryside to nearby towns and cities.

Walking between Luistenbuul and Zouweboezem - 9 km

Walking between Luistenbuul and Zouweboezem over the dyke along the Lek, you have a view over the beautiful river flood plains. Rugged trails take you through open grassland, stretches of woodland and quaint quays from the Achthoeven polder all the way to Zouweboezem.

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Fortified city route (Leerdam, Asperen and Heukelum) - 10 km

In the Middle Ages Leerdam occupied an important and strategic position in the demesne of the lords of Arkel, stretching between Holland and Guelders. Follow in their footsteps on this historic route from Leerdam to Asperen and Heukelum.

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Pearls of the Linge route - 12 km

Stretching 108 kilometres, the Linge is the Netherlands’ longest river. This route takes you past endless rows of apple trees, the Old and New Dutch Water Lines and a of course the Linge itself.

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Northern crested newt route – 6.5 or 11.5 km

This walk leads through a scenery of ancient orchards, farmsteads, meadows and fields of willows, and also shows you two sides of the Schoonrewoerdse Wiel, a deep lake formed by a dyke failure.

Foto: Waldo Goenée

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Rhenoijschepad - 9 or 14 KM

Strap on your clogs and rucksack and set out to discover the river landscape around the picturesque villages of Rhenoy and Acquoy.

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Water Line route (LAW network)

To hike the Water Line route is to immerse yourself in local history. The many forts, bunkers and locks along the way tell the story of water’s essential role in defending the Netherlands. The Water Line route is a long-distance walk (Lange Afstands Wandeling – LAW) from Volendam to Dordrecht.

There are several sections to choose from around Leerdam.

Culemborg – Asperen

Asperen – Fort Vuren

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